Ikea drawers: how to dress them up

Thursday, June 19, 2014


As I mentioned in this post I’m not a huge fan of Ikea furniture. Where possible I like to wait until we can afford to buy pieces that are made better and are a little more stylish. But let’s face it, we can’t all afford a whole house of amazing things all in one hit.

Moving country and leaving everything we own behind we have had to be realistic about our budget and what we can afford. We survived about 2 months of having our clothes on the floor and then gave in and bought a set of Malm drawers from Ikea. They are a popular item. Not overly exciting but simple and easy enough to dress up with pieces placed on and around them to make them appear more stylish.

Above is what I did with ours in the bedroom. I used one of my grey scarfs to drape over the top. A vintage accordion peg rack above them to hang jewellery and scarfs from. And placed perfume and cologne on top along with a pot plant and a few other decorative pieces. The next item I’d like to get when the budget allows is a tall floor mirror to sit against the wall on the left side. And that will complete the corner. Here’s what our bedroom looked like when we first moved in if you’re interested.

Below are a couple other references to show how Malm drawers are dressed up. Having a nice mirror above the drawers looks great as well. Or a unique framed print. Even making the wall behind a feature with a contrasting colour looks effective. I’ve also seen people add handles to the drawers or paint or stick contact to the drawer fronts to create a colour block effect. If you search on Pinterest for Malm Drawers you will see a few more references on there. So succumbing to Ikea furniture isn’t all bad!

And just another little note, thanks to those of you who responded to my question on Facebook about what you would like to see on here. I really appreciate it and hope to bring some unique content to the blog. My hope is to make it a relaxed and welcoming space for you to drop by. And have you leave feeling inspired :)


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  • Lina

    I read all the post and then saw that you have my image in one of those 3 inspirations :) World is a small place. I really like how your decorated corner looks!

  • chantelle

    It’s amazing how small the world is isn’t it!? Thanks Lina. I love your photos!