Afternoon treat – bundt cakes 3 ways

Monday, February 4, 2013

I’ve been a bit crazy about bundt cakes lately. There is a little take away place called Botanica that recently opened here in Brisbane who specialise in fresh salads and small cakes. Their bundt cakes always catch my eye while I’m ordering my salad and it’s very hard to resist walking out without one. What I love is that a lot of their cakes are gluten free. I don’t usually go for gluten free foods as most I’ve had have been rather dry and bland but these cakes are pretty incredible. So good even Reid will eat them. Mention the ‘g’ word usually and he goes running.

So with my bundt cake craze of late I wanted to put a few versions together to share. I managed to create a gluten free coconut + raspberry version as well that I’m pretty happy about. They are really moist and sweet.

Putting this series together I had those in the northern hemisphere in mind. I figured something darker and moodier might inspire you to get into that kitchen, turn the oven on, fill the room with warmth and the smell of freshly baked cake. Enjoy!


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