Morning, noon & night

Friday, January 18, 2013

The height of summer


Waking in the morning seems much easier in summer.
Early morning walks, meeting friends for breakfast,
lazing by a beach, days that stretch long into the night.
Flavours are light and meals enjoyed at cooler temperatures.
Simplicity prevails. This is summer at its height.


Since returning home to Australia we have faced some incredibly hot days. Some parts of Australia have reached nearly 50˚C this summer. Luckily Brisbane hasn’t quite faced that kind of heat but we have had a few very hot and humid days so far. On days like these, light and fresh foods are often enjoyed and it’s the perfect time for fresh and local seafood. This series of Morning, noon & night is inspired by our warm summer season. The meals are simple and the flavours are subtle, meaning less time in a hot kitchen and more time for enjoying the long summer days. I hope you enjoy the series and they inspire a few creations of your own.

For those who haven’t heard of Moreton Bay Bugs, they are a species of lobster caught in the Moreton Bay area in Queensland. I’ve used them in the fettuccine recipe but you can substitute it for another form of seafood like lobster, crab or prawns (shrimp).


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