Olive + Gourmando

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

When I first moved to Montréal I was unsure of what I would do in this new city. I had started taking photos a little while before arriving but I was still trying to find my style and feet in the industry. I had plenty of time to fill in my day and was desperate to form some sort of routine so I wouldn’t feel too homesick. Part of that routine was to visit Olive + Gourmando. I would walk to get my morning coffee and a salad to go for lunch. It wasn’t much of a routine but it was something I looked forward to everyday and forced me to leave our temporary apartment for a while.

Recently I was asked to photograph for Olive + Gourmando. Of course I said yes.

The menu is creative and fresh and the place has a feel of quality and substance about it. And still many of the same employees I remember from my first visit are behind the counter serving. A good sign I think. Owners Dyan and Éric have done a great job with their creation. I find the presentation of the food and the interior to be very inspiring.

I will miss this place when I soon leave Montréal.